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Business Migrant Scheme

Investors are encouraged to invest in New Zealand and gain New Zealand residency. Migrant Investment Policy has two categories which offers great flexibility in terms of investment, Investor 1 Category and Investor 2 Category. The minimum capital required is 1.5 million New Zealand dollars for Investor 2 and 10 million for Investor 1.

For entrepreneurial migrants, Entrepreneur Work Visa allows you to start up your business and offers a pathway to residency after two years successful operation of the business. Entrepreneur Work Visa has a point scale which are based on factors such as your business experience, full time employment creation, capital investment and age.

Skilled Migrant Category

Skilled Migrant Category is designed for people who have the required skills and qualifications. It works on a points system. Points are earned on the basis of your age, qualification, work experience and skilled employment in New Zealand. There is a minimum English requirement (IELTS Academic overall 6.5) for the principal applicant and all applicants have to meet health and character requirements.

Express of Interest (EOI)

The first step of Skilled Migrant Category is to make an Express of Interest (EOI). If your EOI scores over 100, you can apply and your EOI will go into the Pool. A selection is made every two weeks.
EOIs will be examined after being selected and if found credible, an invitation to apply for residence will be sent to EOI applicants.

Application for Residence

Applicants will need to lodge their applications within four months after receiving the invitation to apply. All documents are required to be sent with the applications.

Your partner and children

Your partner and children can be included in your EOI and application for residence.

Residence From Work Category

For people with exceptional talent, people working in areas of identified absolute occupational shortage in New Zealand and religious workers. You have to apply for work visa under Work to Residence and have held the work visa for two years before you are eligible for Resident visa under Residence from Work. No English requirement for principle applicant in this category except for religious workers. Partners and dependent children aged 16 and over are able to purchase ESOL tuition fee if English requirement is not met.

Family Category

Family Category allows the family members of New Zealand residents to join them in New Zealand.
Categories include partner, dependent child and parents.

Priority is given to partners and dependent children of New Zealand residents.

Parents can join the New Zealand residents if the sponsors are eligible. They are not given priority and subject to annual quota allocation.

Siblings and adult children policy was closed on 16 May 2012.