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New Zealand Work Visa Application

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Essential Skills Work

Applicant needs an offer of employment and the job is on the skill shortage list, or the employer can demonstrate that genuine attempt has been made but no New Zealand residents is available for the job position. For lower level occupations (level 4 and 5), a skill match report from Work and Income New Zealand will be required for the application.

Seasonal Work

Recognised seasonal employer can employ people from overseas to work in horticulture and viticulture industries.

Working Holiday

Working holiday visas are designed for young people aged 18-30 (or 18-35 in some countries) who want to travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months (or 24 months if you are from UK). While you are here, you can explore other options such as study or work in New Zealand.

Post-study Work-Open

International students can apply for a one year open work permit after completion of a New Zealand qualification. The application has to be lodged within three months after the expiry date of student permit.

Post-study Work-Employer Assisted

Graduate can apply for a maximum two year (three years in some occasions) work visa with an offer of employment.


Partner of New Zealand residents, work visa holders, and some student visa holders (if studying towards a qualification in long term skill shortage list or postgraduate degree) can apply Work Visa under Family Work Policy. Partner is allowed to work for any employer if work visa is granted.

Overseas Partner

Many applicants from overseas find it is difficult to obtain the first visa. The requirements are "genuine and stable relationship" and the onus of proof lies on the applicants. Often the applicants and their partners become very frustrated when the immigration officer doesn't think the evidences are sufficient to demonstrate the "genuine and stable relationship" even if they have lived together for a while. In many cases we find it is too late for us to get involved. Please make sure to contact us before you do anything if you want to bring your overseas partners to New Zealand. DONOT underestimate the complexity of a visitor or work visa application!

Work to Residence

f your employer is accredited and you meet the income requirement ($55,000 per annum), or you have exceptional talent in arts, culture or sports, or your occupation is one on the long term skill shortage list and you meet the qualification and work experience requirement, you can apply for work to residence visa. It allows you to work for 30 months and you will be eligible for residence after 24 months.

For applicants with a skilled employment in one of areas on LTSSL but has difficulty meeting the English requirement, work to residence is the best option, eg, chefs. But many chefs might not have the qualification required by the occupation (National certificate in Professional Cookery Level 4 or Diploma in Professional Cookery Level 5). We can assist the chefs with recognition of prior learning and applications for work to residence.